Reptile care

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We will be adding more information on exotic animals soon. In the meantime we hope you find the following useful:

Caring for your lizard   

Caring for your blue tongue lizard           

Caring for your carpet python    

Caring for your small python                 

Caring for your bearded/water dragon   

Caring for your snake

Caring for your long-necked turtle

Caring for your short-necked turtle

Coccidiosis in bearded dragons

Feeding your long-necked turtle

Feeding your short-necked turtle

Housing bearded dragons  

Lizard Breeding Table

Neurorespiratory viruses in snakes  ***NEW***

Obesity in pythons

Reptile Enclosure Risks  

Reptile Preferred Temperature  

Reptiles: Metabolic Bone Disease  

Shedding (ecdysis) in snakes

Snake mites

Treating skin problems in turtles

Turtle enclosures (pdf)