Small exotic mammal care

We will be adding more information on exotic animals soon. In the meantime we hope you find the following useful:

Breeding and rearing - small exotics mammals 

Care of newly born rabbits 

Caring for your ferret

Caring for your guinea pig

Caring for your mouse  

Caring for your rabbit

Caring for your rat  

Coccidiosis in rabbits 

E. cuniculi  

Ferret adrenal gland disease  

Ferret distemper virus  

Guinea pig mites (Trixacara mites) 

Lead poisoning in rabbits  


Rabbit calicivirus    

Respiratory disease in rats 

Tooth problems in guinea pigs  

Tooth problems in rabbits

Vaccinating your rabbit

Vitamin C deficiency (scurvy) in guinea pigs

Watery eyes in rabbits (Epiphora)