Sneezing In Birds

There are many causes of sneezing in a bird. The occasional sneeze may be a normal occurrence.

In most cases if sneezing is regular and/or is combined with a wet nasal discharge further veterinary investigation is required. A wet nasal discharge usually leads to a brown discolouration above one or both of the nares.

Investigation of a bird's sneezing usually include choanal and sinus swabs for bacteria, fungi and Chlamydia. Other test that may need to be performed include mycoplasma swab, radiographs, blood biochemistry haematology, treatment trials and occasionally nasal biopsies.

Correction of a bird's sneezing usually involves environmental and husbandry changes and in many cases medication. Commonly the birds are on low vitamin A diets (an all seed diet) and are kept in poorly ventilated low humidity areas.

The causes of a sneezing bird include:

In birds the only initial sign of a serious systemic disorder may be the sneezing. All cases of regular sneezing in a bird must be attended to promptly.

Viral infections causing sneezing without other clinical signs are rare in birds. Most viral infections in birds lead to more serious systemic disorders in conjunction with the sneezing.


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