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Lizard Breeding table




Approximate time from mating to egg laying/birth


Incubation time at 29-31șC


Clutch size


Inland & Eastern Bearded Dragons



5 months



45-86 days




Pygmy Bearded Dragon


3-5 months



48-56 days




Water Dragon



2-3 months



56-64 days




Lace Monitor



31-36 days



192-224 days




Central Netted Dragon



2-3 months



78-85 days




Central & Eastern Bluetongues *



3-5 months





Shingleback *



5 months




* These species are viviparous, which means they give birth to live young and so do not lay/incubate eggs.


·         These ranges are a guide only, based on wild and captive individuals and may vary depending on the individual and the husbandry practices used.

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