Did you know...?

Budgies, canaries and cockatiels can live 15 - 25 years and larger parrots such as cockatoos can live 40 - 80 years.

Since birds can live a long time we want to help them have happy and fulfilled lives by providing good nutrition, love and a stimulating environment.

Our Bird Facts and Care Sheets aim to provide quality information on nutrition, care, disease and first aid.

The information sheets are part of a long-standing service provided to vets and which are now available to you online! They are also used in our practice to supply information to our clients on bird care.

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General Information Disease

Care Sheets

Bird emergencies

Abnormal Droppings Caring for your bird ***UPDATED***
Bird Incubation, Fledgling and Weaning Times Bumblefoot (pododermatitis) Caring for your budgie
Bird Lifespan Table Chlamydia/Psittacosis Caring for your canary or finch
Bird Sex Determination Coccidiosis Caring for your chicken
Bird Weight Table Common Birds, Common Pathogens 1 Caring for your duck
Birds with crop problems Common Birds, Common Pathogens 2 Caring for your fruit and seed eating Parrot (eclectus ringneck alexandrian)
Budgie - Common Conditions Common Cockatiel Weaning Diseases Seen in 2000 Caring for your Lorikeet
Bush Tucker Egg binding ***UPDATED***
Feather Mites
Caring for your pigeon  
Choosing a budgie
Canary - Common Conditions Feather Picking & Self-Mutilation Choosing a lovebird
Cockatiels - Common Conditions Giardia Looking after your Parrot (Cockatiel to Cockatoo sized)
Cockatoo - Common Conditions Heavy metal poisoning Rearing baby birds
Common skin & feather problems in birds  Lipomas Safe toys and cage accessories for birds
Converting your bird to pellets Liver Disease 
Chronic egg laying  
Leg rings in birds  
Long beak  
Lovebirds - Common Conditions Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome
Macaws - Common Conditions Marek's Disease
Maximum Volume of Fluid Administered to the Crop Megabacteria  
Microchipping birds Obesity - the overweight bird
Pigeon Paramyxovirus (PPMV1)  
Moulting in Pet Birds Poisoning from Common Airborne Toxins  
Quarantine Poisoning from Common Household Products
Simple Behaviour Training Polyoma - Part 1
Taking a Bird to the Vet  Polyoma - Part 2 (Budgerigars)
Toxic Plants Polyuria (increased urine)
Transporting your bird Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) - Part 1
Well bird health screens  Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) - Part 2
Psittacine Pruritic Polyfolliculitis (PPPF) or Stress Dermatitis
Scaly Face
Zinc Poisoning