About Us

Dr Alex Rosenwax


Dr Alex Rosenwax undertook his veterinary studies with the specific aim of working with birds and exotics. This desire stems from an early childhood love for and fascination with birds and other unusual pets.

After graduating from Veterinary Science in 1991, he successfully completed the Membership Exams for the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in Avian Health in January 1996 and then established an all-bird and exotics veterinary service in Sydney.

Based in Waterloo, Sydney, the clinic has fice vets and sees referrals as well as primary accession cases. Alex is dicated to providing quality care and treatment for all birds and exotics including fish, reptiles and small exotic mammals.

Alex has been author or co-author on mover 20 papers on both birds and exotics in peer reviewes journals and conference proceedings.

Rescued and re-homed budgies and cockatiels inhabit a large outdoor aviary, while two large "adopted" parrots (a galah and a Major Mitchell x corella) share his home.


Dr Tegan Stephens


Dr Tegan Stephens joined us as a veterinarian in 2009, and has been involved with the clinic since 2005. In July 2013 Tegan passed her Membership Examinations in Unusual and Exotic Pets and is a founding member of the college chapter. She is currently serving as Secretary for the Unusual Pet and Avian Veterinary Committee of the Australian Veterinarian Association.

Tegan’s love of ‘interesting’ animals developed from a young age moving around the Australian countryside and then sealed while living for a short period in Indonesia.

This interest grew leading to volunteer work at the National Zoo and Aquarium, study at various exotics clinics during her final year of university, and work with crocodiles in the Northern Territory before graduating in 2009.

Although she would love to have a pet crocodile, a potted python named Manny, Ginny the dog, two young boys and a slightly nervous husband make up the Stephens family.



Dr Daniella Hsu


Dr Daniella Hsu joined our team as a veterinarian in 2012. She completed 2 years of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience at the University of Sydney before deciding to pursue Veterinary Science studies. In 2016 she was admitted as a Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists for Avian Health. She has also completed an additional membership in Medicine and Surgery of Unusual Pets, making her one of ony a few vets in Australia with both these qualifications. 

Daniella is passionate about all animals great and small. She has worked as an animal attendant at Sydney Dogs and Cats home for 2 years then as a veterinary nurse for 6 years. She has kept birds as pets since a young age.

Daniella currently shares her home with a beautiful spaniel called Darcy, a sneaky Alexandrine Parrot called Megatron.



Dr Natalia Otavski


Dr Natalia Otavski joined our team in 2015. Before becoming a vet, Nat worked for many years as a veterinary nurse in both emergency and general practice. She has also completed a degree in Biomedical Science and a Masters in Wildlife Health and Population Management where she worked in research studying Pacheco's disease in imported exotic bird species in Australia.

Nat has always had a passion for everything bird-related and knew from a young age that she wanted to work with them. Since starting with us, she has also become increasingly fond of all the other species that come to visit our clinic, especially rabbits and guinea pigs.

When not in the clinic, Nat spends the remainder of her time raising her two young children and teaching them to admire animals (especially birds) as much as she does. And that goes for her husband, too.



Dr Sang Tran

Dr Sang Tran joined our team as a veterinarian in 2016. In her final year of study she completed a number of internships at bird and exotics clinics all around Australia. She has also completed courses with WIRES and attended numerous conferences in avian medicine.

Sang has always been passionate about avian medicine and welfare. Growing up, she surrounded herself with a variety of pet birds ranging from canaries to muscovy ducks. She plans to further her studies in avian medicine.

On her days off, Sang likes to unleash her creative side through drawing. She is also a keen birdwatcher and shares her home with an adorable cockatiel called Teo and a vocal canary named Wildfire. 



Dr Rebecca Teoh

Dr Rebecca Teoh completed her studies in 2018 and joined us in 2019. She has completed multiple animal internships and completed her Bachelor of Science (Veterinary) research paper on Floppy Rabbit Sydrome and common husbandry practices of NSW rabbit owners.

Rebecca has developed her love of all birds and small exotic animals, especially rabbits.

During her downtime, Rebecca enjoys playing board games, performing with her Chinese Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe and reading together with her pet budgie Jellybean. 


Sandy Beynon, veterinary nurse


Sandy has a degree in Science (physiology, zoology) and a Graduate Diploma of Education, which saw her involved in human medical research for 12 years prior to working at a small animal practice for 2 years. She has also worked as a WIRES volunteer, rescuing and fostercaring for injured and orphaned native wildlife.

She has a particular love of and interest in birds and joined our practice in July 2002.

While Sandy has kept pet rats in the past, four cockatiels, three eclectus, three budgies, and seven axolotls currently share her home.



Gretel Cornell, veterinary nurse


Natalie Wilton, veterinary nurse