The only all avian reptile fish rabbit rodent ferret vet clinic in Sydney. Dr Alex Rosenwax - the avian veterinarian herpvet exotics veterinarian aquarium  veterinary clinic based in Sydney only sees birds reptiles fish and exotics ! Whether you are a reptilekeeper birdkeeper or birdlover of any type of bird - chicken, duck, parrot, canary, budgie (budgerigar / parakeet ), cockatiel ( quarrion ), galah, cockatoo, conure, alexandrian, peachface, pigeon, lorikeet, eclectus, kakariki or macaw - or need a reptile vet ( reptilevet ,  reptile veterinarian), fish vet ( fishvet fish veterinarian ), rabbit vet ( rabbitvet , rabbit veterinarian ), rat vet, guinea pig vet or ferret vet - the bird veterinarian ( bird vet ) site will have something to interest you!

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